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Download a document with the prices of all the services and packages that Special Novels offers. As a promoter, you will earn a 20% commission on the final quote price of both individual services and package deals provided to the customers.

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See an example of a quote for a writer with a breakdown of prices and a detailed total. This document is the one you receive via email once your commission has been calculated and is ready to be paid.

How this works?

1. Introduce our services

Engage with writers interested in self-publishing their manuscript by providing an overview of our services and pricing options.

2. Writer Contact us

When a writer contacts us, we will kindly inquire about the referral source. The writer will then provide us with the name you indicated on the form.

3. Prepare a customized quote

Based on the writer's specific requirements, we will meticulously create a detailed quote encompassing the services they need. We will promptly send this quote, along with the corresponding commission percentage for the sale, to you via email.

4. Commission payment process

After the writer successfully completes the payment for the requested services, we will ensure that your commission is promptly transferred to your designated PayPal account, which you provided in the form.

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